Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Boy Named Silas: A Bigger Blog

This boy shines!
     In case you didn't know, Lightly Salted is actually my second blog. My blogging adventure really began years ago when I started chronicling the story of my son Silas' traumatic birth experience. As a baby, Silas required constant throat-suctioning and was on an eight-times-a-day feeding tube schedule. He had four or five medical appointments a week. Needless to say, I didn't have time to be anything else except for a special-needs mama back then.

     Now Silas is a hilarious, engaging five year-old. He still has some remnant swallowing issues but now gets nearly half of his calories by mouth. Some people have asked us if that means he's about to outgrow his feeding tube. I'm too scared to put that in print yet. Let's just say I now have more hope than ever before in that possibility.

     A few months ago, Silas found the mesh feeding bag we used to put bites of food in. (This was before Silas was allowed to eat anything by mouth at all.) He hasn't used it in about half a year. Silas picked it up out of the drawer and said, "I don't need this anymore." And with that, he threw it in the trash.

     It doesn't take a psych student to recognize the symbolism in Silas' actions.

     So here's another symbol for those of you with a literary or psychological bent. Over the next few weeks, I plan to slowly transition away from my exclusive blog just for Silas. I'll still post about him, and still connect with my special-needs blogging friends, but I'll be doing most of that from right here, at Lightly Salted, from now on.

     When Silas threw out his feeding tube, he was making a statement. He was telling me that he's no longer a little boy who needs a mesh bag to "eat" like the rest of the world. I guess I'm now making a statement of my own. I'm not just a special-needs mama anymore. I need a blog big enough to fit all of my other interests as well. If you want to join me on my journey, I'd love your company. If you're on Twitter let's hook up there too! I'll be keeping the same handle, @aboynamedsilas, to remember that it was my son's amazing story that first ushered me into the world of blogging and helped me connect with so many amazing friends out there in virtual reality.

Want to read Silas' full story? Get the Boy Named Silas ebook, or feel free to browse around the Boy Named Silas blog.

Random Fact #6: Silas isn't even an official kindergartner, but he knows at 50 states and capitals!


  1. YAY, you go, mama! I love the line that you're not just a special needs mom anymore. A quick reminder - while you HAVE been that, the majority of the time, you've also done a great job of sharing Silas with us and taking the time to write. I love the look here! Great job. :)
    Oh and followed!

    1. Thanks so much Kristi! Appreciate your blog love! It's funny that back then I didn't consider myself "only" a special-needs mom, but looking back I realize that's all I did!

  2. I love Silas' statement. what an accomplishment in 5 short years. And of course I am going to follow you :)

    1. Thanks Kerri! Yeah, we're really excited with Silas' progress and his statement. Thanks for following!