Sunday, June 30, 2013

TMI on the Fourth of July

What's up with this photo?
      It's July! Which means my month of un-blogging has officially come to an end. It was a great month writing my next novel, and if you want to know when it's ready to read, please sign up for my newsletter!

     But enough about me! Today I'm talking about somebody else. A friend I knew way back when Phillip and I were so newlywed I could still fall into the "blushing bride" category.

     I first met "Sally" when we moved several states away so Phillip could take on the youth pastor position at her husband's church. Sally wasn't your typical pastor's wife, either. She had a penchant for speaking whatever was on her mind, and she expected everyone around her to do the same. Not a bad quality, mind you, but my newly-married sensitivities weren't quite ready for Sally when we first met.

     Sally and her husband were only a few years older than Phillip and I. Our first official outing together was to see the fireworks on the Fourth of July a few towns over. We all rode together in their huge minivan, which gave us a great chance to get to know each other. Maybe a little too much of a chance, actually.

     Phillip and I were married in a very informal, boisterous church. I had already received my fair share of post-honeymoon jokes our first Sunday back as a newly-married couple. I thought I had gotten through the worst of it. That was before I met Sally.

     I have no idea how we got on the topic, but Sally started talking about adjusting to married life. She mentioned how hard it was for her and her husband to learn to sleep together (in the literal sense, not the Biblical one). "He's just so hot! He makes our bed like an oven." And then Sally turned and looked me square in the eyes and asked in total earnestness, "So is Phillip hot in bed?"

     I knew exactly what she was asking. I knew her question had very little to do with my month-old sex life. But my blushing alone probably upped the temperature in the minivan by a good two or three degrees.

     Nine years of marriage and three kids later, I'm not so thrown off by intrusive questions. In fact, one year I'll probably look Sally up and answer the question I was too embarrassed to so many years ago.

     Yes, Sally. Phillip is very hot in bed.

Blog Love: This post is participating in two different events. (Yes, I'm moving up in the blogosphere!) Not only is it part of my regular humor column for Christian Home Magazine, it's also part of Regi McClain's new Music and Mirth Monday linkup!

Random Fact: During our first year of marriage, temperatures got so high in May that the blinds to our bedroom window melted.


  1. LOL! I don't know whether I should cover my ears, shut my eyes, and start lala-ing, or just roll my eyes. :-) I may have to post my advice to newlyweds regarding suspenseful movies next week just to one-up you. :-P

    1. yeah, that'll have me lalalalaing for sure...

  2. LOL! I remember just the THOUGHT of going back to church after our honeymoon made me wish to flee the country for good! Maybe there's something to be said for those year-long after-wedding excursions, after all.