Thursday, June 6, 2013

JuNoWriMo Update

     Today I decided to cut out a character who turned out to be superfluous. Maybe I'll give her a novel of her own one day. For now, out she goes.

     I also spent a huge chunk of time outside today and absolutely no time writing. I'm hoping to get an hour or two in tonight before bed.


* The pace is still moving really fast. I still feel very encouraged and motivated. I've had a lot of fun doing word wars with other JuNoWriMo folks on Twitter.

* I've actually had more time with the kids, since I'm so protective of the time I spend away from my writing. When they're awake, I try to only spend half an hour or so behind my computer desk.

Prayer Requests:

* Continued momentum. So far, it's been great, but I always feel like I'm just one frustration away from having to fight the temptation to give up.

* Wisdom for the story to pull together well, both in terms of the plot and the characterization.

1 comment:

  1. I like the fact that nothing needs to be wasted in writing - the character you cut potentially getting their own novel one day. :) Glad you're still feeling encouraged and motivated. Hope you continue to have a good writing week this week.