Friday, May 3, 2013

A Boy Named Silas: Trial Run

enjoying that pizza
     When my husband and I were on our honeymoon, we met a repair-man who came up to fix our
suite's DVD player. When we told him we were just married, he replied, "My wife and I just celebrated our first anniversary last week." We smiled and congratulated him. He shrugged. "We'd been together for eighteen years and finally decided it would work out."

     We laugh about it now. According to Mr. Handyman's logic, Phillip and I shouldn't even be married for another ten years so we can see if we really will "work out."

     Phillip and I didn't have a trial run before our wedding. We jumped into marriage without the benefits (and potential baggage) of co-habitation. We figured we were either all in, or we weren't in it at all.

     Trial periods can be helpful if you're not sure you want to commit to something, but they can also be hard on the heart, as I experienced this week.

     On the surface, the news is fantastic! On Monday, I took Silas in for his regular dietician appointment. We left with instructions for Silas to eat only by mouth for a three-week testing period. Silas has not used his feeding pump for four days now.

     When I put the news up on my personal Facebook page, I got 72 likes, so I know this is huge news. This is basically the day that we've been waiting for our whole lives. My husband was mentally prepared to accept that this day would never come. And now here it is.

     What makes it hard for me as Silas' mom, however, is knowing that this is just a trial run. Silas and I couldn't stop by the dump on the way home from the dietician's and throw his backpack and feeding pump into the incinerator. We got back to the dietician in less than three weeks, and if Silas' weight hasn't gone up at least a smidge, she may very likely put him back on tube feeds for a while.

     Silas' progress has been two steps forward, one step back from the very beginning. But every once in a while, he forgoes his normal pattern and shoots forward a whole mile without looking back once. I'm hoping and praying this is one of these times.

     But I'm saving the happy dance until the trial run is over.

Random Fact #19: On our honeymoon the condo place goofed up and gave our room key to another couple. Thankfully we had barred the door from the inside or we would have all had an unpleasant surprise.

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  1. Praying for this to be a "never look back" event!

  2. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the trial run will turn out to be more than just a trial! (And I just found out that I should not read blogs backwards when I try to catch up, ha! ;-) )