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Alana's Newest Novel, a Refugee Fundraiser, and a Chance to Win $100!

Torn Asunder by Alana Terry 

LIMITED TIME: Get the ebook for $0.99 or the paperback for $7.00!

Torn Asunder is the newest suspense novel from award-winning author Alana Terry. Torn Asunder is the story of Hannah and Simon, two North Korean refugees who sneak back into their country to serve as underground missionaries. In this world of spies, secret police, and informants, Simon and Hannah learn that staying together won't just compromise their ministry. It could cost them both their lives.

All book sale proceeds on Dec. 22 support the work of Liberty in North Korea, an organization that runs an underground railroad for North Korean refugees. You can get the paperback or the ebook for 99 cents for a limited time only. And remember the best news ~ Your purchase will help save a North Korean refugee!


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Or copy and paste into an email or Facebook status: Torn Asunder is a new Christian suspense novel by Alana Terry about two North Koreans who serve as undercover missionaries. It's on sale for only 99 cents, and all book proceeds today will be donated to Liberty in North Korea's underground railroad for North Korean refugees.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

WIPpet Wednesday: Writing With Kids

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Today, I'm sharing a snippet from the Torn Asunder Bonus
Materials, an ebook that contains the funniest typos, some deleted scenes, an alternate beginning, and just about anything else you'd like to know about how the Torn Asunder novel came into being. On the third Wednesday of the month, I'm sharing three paragraphs from the behind-the-scenes section, where I talk about my life in general as a writer. This section is called Writing with Kids.


I often wonder if I would be a much better mother if I wasn’t a writer as well. I’ve done a pretty good job compartmentalizing my work time, but compartmentalizing my energy is another matter altogether. Here’s what I mean. I never write before lunchtime. I hardly ever do anything writing-related, at least not on the computer.

The idea behind this schedule is to give my kids my best hours (yes, I’m a morning person), and then I can spend an hour or two in the afternoon on writing and go back to it when they’re in bed for the night. Unfortunately, even though that schedule theoretically leaves me “plenty” of time for parenting, I find my mind consumed with writing musings, plot daydreams, marketing ideas, etc. all the time, whether I’m “on the clock” or not.

I honestly don’t know the answer to this. I love my kids and hate to think they might look back on their childhoods and feel left out. Once my son told me it hurt his feelings when I was on the computer so much. Several years ago, I came to the conclusion that feeling inadequate to perform all your duties at 100% capacity just goes along with the territory of being a mother. Hopefully, it’s the house and the cooking that’s getting neglected as a result of my writing, and not my children.


I KNOW many of you can relate (whether you're writers or not.)

Blog Love: Huge thanks to K L Schwengel for hosting the WIPpet Wednesday blog hop, where authors post snippets from the current Works In Progress.

Random Fact: If I could pick one word I'd hope my boys would describe me as, it would be gentle. If I could pick two, the second would be playful. I'm not there yet, but I try.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Big Bundle of Thanks

Torn Asunder will release in just 8 days!
 This Christian suspense story is about two North Korean refugees who return to North Korean as underground missionaries. I'd like to take a few minutes to thank those who helped it come together.

My thanks go out to my story editor, Nat Davis, and copy editor, Sheila Hollinghead. I appreciate the professional thoroughness you both bring to each project you’ve helped me with.

I also relied heavily on feedback from my beta readers, and am exceptionally grateful for the advanced reviewers and bloggers who helped me spread the word about my release. I’d like to especially mention Annie Douglas Lima, who consistently goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to the thoroughness of her beta reading.

Regi McClain, as always, offered support in a wide variety of ways. She is my critique partner as well as my prayer partner, who doubles as an editorial assistant and helps me tremendously with her amazing organizational skills.

I’d also like to thank my other friends, those I’ve met in “real life” and those I haven’t, who pray for me and my writing and bring so much encouragement. I would also like to mention Jon and Dabin and others who helped field my questions about Korean culture.

Cherie Norquay is an amazingly talented recording artist who was kind enough to let me use her lyrics in this novel. I was surprised time and time again by how perfectly her words fit in with everything Hannah and Simon went through. She is truly blessed and anointed by the Holy Spirit, and I love the way her lyrics give Hannah a true voice.

My husband remains my biggest fan and supporter. I am so thankful the Lord allowed us to enjoy such sweet romance and companionship. There is no way I could have written Hannah and Simon’s story if I hadn’t already known the thrill of being loved by someone so wonderful.

With each book I work on, I’m reminded of my own weaknesses. While writing Torn Asunder, carpal tunnel flare-ups and frequent eye strain reminded me I couldn’t draft a single word if the Lord wasn’t the one sustaining me. Additionally, the spiritual and emotional toil of getting a novel edited and ready to publish would be insurmountable barriers if the Lord didn’t go before me and allow me to complete one more book.

Torn Asunder is dedicated to the brave men and women from North Korea who sneak back home to share the gospel and those who live out their faith in the most hostile mission field on earth. May the Lord protect and provide for all your needs, and may your stories continue to encourage and inspire us as you bring the gospel to people living in darkness and oppression.


Be sure to pre-order Torn Asunder now before the price goes up!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

WIPpet Wednesday: "Every Rose"

Happy Wednesday!

The kids spent last week getting over a stomach bug but now everyone is thankfully back to normal. I hope you are all having a great week so far!

Since this is the second week of December, here are two paragraphs from the Torn Asunder Bonus
Materials. I included a soundtrack with different songs I listened to while working on the story.


Every Rose Has Its Thorn – My husband is way more into classic rock than I am, but I found myself drawn to this song more so than just about any other I’ve included in the Torn Asunder soundtrack. The lyrics speak more about the kind of relationship where selfishness just gets in the way of love, but the chorus is so right-on when it comes to Hannah and Simon’s story. Their love is beautiful, like a rose, but it’s the beauty of it that makes it so painful when they are torn apart.

I also love this song because it's reminiscent of the cover image. I love how the cover designer included the rose, both as symbol of love and beauty, but also of pain as it’s stuck in the barbed wire of Camp 22’s fence. Like I said, the verses of this song might not speak to Hannah and Simon’s situation one-hundred percent, but I have hardly been able to get the chorus out of my head since I first started working on their story.

(You might also enjoy this version from the soundtrack to the musical Rock of Ages)


Blog Love: Huge thanks to K L Schwengel for hosting the WIPpet Wednesday blog hop, where authors post snippets from the current Works In Progress.

Random Fact: I met my husband when I was 19. Of course, he wasn't my husband then. But you know what I mean.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

WIPpet Wednesday: "Happy Endings"

Happy Wednesday!

I had a very embarrassing week that involved mailing advanced copies of the Torn Asunder paperback out only to realize they weren't quite ready for distribution. I may or may not have overworked my poor wrists and eyes trying to whip out a better version in a very limited amount of time, but if I did, that would explain why I unfortunately didn't get around to WIPs last week. (Sorry, friends!)

This week, I have one paragraph from Torn Asunder since this is the first week in December. In case you missed the news earlier, Torn Asunder is now available for preorder for 99 cents.


Simon didn’t know what to say. He felt Hannah’s heart flutter against his chest. He tipped her chin up to his. He longed to kiss her cracked lips, to cover her with his love until all her scars and injuries vanished. She hadn’t stopped trembling. He rested his chin on the top of her head and prayed. If God was merciful, he would let them both die right now. But this was no fairy tale. No matter how fervent his prayers, no matter how deep his love, Camp 22 was no place for happy endings.


Blog Love: Huge thanks to K L Schwengel for hosting the WIPpet Wednesday blog hop, where authors post snippets from the current Works In Progress.

Random Fact: Camp 22 is actually pronounced "Camp Two-Two," which I fortunately learned about a week before I submitted the files to the narrator who produced The Beloved Daughter audiobook.

Liberty NOW: One thing I love about Liberty in North Korea is their mission: to see the North Korean people achieve their freedom in THIS GENERATION. If you'd like to make a donation of any amount to LiNK's underground railroad for refugees, or if you just want to pass on the link to your friends, you can see my fundraiser at

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


It's time again ~ time to pull out the most embarrassing, most humorous typos from my Torn Asunder edits. Torn Asunder will release in just two more weeks, but you can pre-order your copy for just 99 cents!


I heard your van as you arrived in your van. (A little redundant, if not technically incorrect.)

Simon walked as quietly as he could while still trying to stay quiet. (Did you catch that he’s trying to be quiet?)

A man in a starch uniform grabbed a handful of her hair. (So what kind of uniform is that exactly – potato, gluten, or corn?)

The skin on Hannah’s neck pricked up. (All I have to say is that sounds really painful.)

We’ll have someone else come and take care of it after later. (“After later” – a new phrase for professional procrastinators.)

Mr. Kim’s volume had steadily increased in volume. (Yes, I think we get the idea, but if you turned up the volume I might hear you even better.)

Throbbing pain throbbed beneath her skull. (Because that’s what throbbing pains do. They throb.) 

Forcing himself out of his daydream, he forced his mind to focus. (“Use the Force, Simon.”)

The assistant director strode in, spine erect and parallel to the floor. (Yes, I did pass middle-school geometry, although you wouldn’t know it from this sentence.)

It made a dull little thug when it hit the ground. (That was supposed to be thud, as in a small sound. I wasn’t really talking about a gangster or anything.)

Mal-Chin crossed his arms and pulled the prisoner down by the back of his shirt. (This is quite impressive, not just because Mal-Chin is so old, but because he’s doing it with his arms crossed.)


So now that I've thoroughly embarrassed myself ... the good news! Torn Asunder is now available for pre-order for only 99 cents! This is a suspense novel about two North Korean refugees who sneak back into their homeland as undercover Christian workers. Get your copy today.

Blog Love: Huge thanks to K L Schwengel for hosting the WIPpet Wednesday blog hop, where authors post snippets from the current Works In Progress.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

WIPpet Wednesday: Countdown

Torn Asunder ~ a Christian suspense with a strong romantic element. Two North Korean refugees return to the most hostile mission field in the world as undercover missionaries. Available for preorder now for 99 cents, or free to anyone who makes a donation to Liberty in North Korea's underground railroad for refugees.


Simon struggled against his iron restraints. “Let her go!”

Hannah sucked in her breath. General Sin still glared at Simon. “This is your last chance. Give me the names, and I'll release her unharmed.”

Simon’s field of vision blurred over. He wanted to scream. The metal from his handcuffs sliced open his wrists. He envisioned himself breaking free and tackling the general to the ground.

“Better talk.” General Sin yawned. “I hate getting my uniform messy.”

Hannah’s hand trembled, but she didn’t make a noise.

“Three …”

Simon clenched his jaw, unable to tear his face away from Hannah’s wide, terrified eyes.

“Two …”

“Stop!” He tried to leap out of his chair.


Liberty in North Korea: Get Torn Asunder free when you donate here. Want to help spread the word? Are you willing to share about my fundraiser on social media, on your blog, or on an email list on December 22 when Torn Asunder is released? Sign up here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

WIPpet Wednesday: "Dreams of the Condemned"

Happy Wednesday! It's been a good week here, and I hope the same is true for you. In honor of the second week of the month, here are two paragraphs from Torn Asunder. The following discussion
takes place between two men in a North Korean prison camp about Moses, a figure rumored to help men escape the gulags.


Simon paused. “You’re sure it’s not just dreams of the condemned?” He was thankful that the darkness hid the older man’s face. As the weeks passed in the mines, Simon found hope the most bitter tormenter of all. The sooner he could stop pining for Hannah, the easier it would be to submit to the guards’ abuse, to switch off his mind and shovel his coal like they demanded. He was homesick, not for a place, but for her, and nothing could cure him of his illness.

His question was answered by silence, and Simon worried for a moment he had offended his friend. Finally, Mal-Chin took a deep breath. “If I didn’t believe that someone on the outside was looking out for me, I’d go mad. Before working in the mines, I spent time in underground detainment. I witnessed things there … heard things that would turn your hair just as white as mine.” His voice grew even softer. “I survived on nothing but dreams, dreams that one day I would join my family again, dreams that somebody – Moses, an angel, God himself, I didn’t care who – would see my suffering. Even if I was never set free, I just wanted someone on the outside to know where I was, to see me down here, to understand that I’m a real, flesh-and-blood man.” Simon heard the tightness in his friend’s throat. “I still dream, Brother. I have to. We all do. That’s why if Moses doesn’t exist, if he’s just a legend we prisoners made up to hold onto foolish hope, I’d rather keep believing a lie than face such an awful truth.”


Want More? Sign up for my newsletter so you'll hear when Torn Asunder releases!

Blog Love: Huge thanks to K L Schwengel for hosting the WIPpet Wednesday blog hop, where authors post snippets from the current Works In Progress.

Random Fact: I am attempting to do my entire NaNo this year by dictation. The good news is I can talk faster than I can type. The bad news is my typing program isn't 100% accurate, so I'll have a lot of editing to do later on. If it saves my wrists, it still might be worth it. Good luck to you all!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

WIPpet Wednesday: "Easy As Life"

Well, I've got several excuses for why I haven't WIPpeted lately, but none of them are very fun or interesting and most of them have to do with horrific eye strain. Anyway, I've got a new pair of glasses now and have finally gotten used to them, which means I can actually look at my computer screen without feeling like someone is sticking needles through my retinas. Horray!

I also decided to jump on the NaNoWriMo wagon. If you are interested in supporting Liberty in North Korea's work with refugees rescue campaigns, scroll down to see how that's connected to NaNo. And good luck to all you other NaNo-ers out there! May your word counts soar!

I'm also getting Torn Asunder ready for launch, and as with my other novels I'll be releasing a Bonus Materials ebook. This bonus materials has been particularly fun to write because I've included the Torn Asunder soundtrack. In honor of the first Wednesday in November, here are 11 sentences from the Bonus Materials ebook I've been working on. Please forgive the lack of italics - they don't transfer well from Word and my eyes are still a little sore.


Once in college, I went to Broadway and ended up with front-row/center seats to Elton John’s newly-released musical, Aida, with the original cast. I think my seat number was something like A103, and the show moved me like no other theater experience ever has. Aida is a Nubian slave who falls in love with her Egyptian captor Rademes, who is pledged to marry Pharaoh’s daughter. In the midst of this love triangle are the same kind of scenes of political intrigue and doomed love that you read about in Torn Asunder.

Several of the songs from Aida ended up on my personal playlist while I was working on Torn Asunder, but the one that stands out most to me is the song called Easy as Life. At this point in the musical, Aida’s father has also been captured, and when he learns about his daughter’s relationship with the Egyptian prince, he tells her to reject this treasonous love. She has to decide whether to place duty and loyalty above her own emotions.

In a heartbreaking ballad, Aida sings about her choice to give up her love for Rademes in order to fulfill her duty to her own people. The song talks about the impossibility of her situation, and reminds me of the scene when spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler [spoiler alert].  Like Aida, Hannah realizes she must die to her hopes of being with Simon, even though there’s no possible way she can make herself stop loving him.

hear the song here or click for YouTube link


Blog Love: Huge thanks to K L Schwengel for hosting the WIPpet Wednesday blog hop, where authors post snippets from the current Works In Progress.

Join the Rescue Campaign: During November, I hope to write 2,000 words a day. I'm looking for a few people willing to sponsor LiNK a dollar for every day I make my goal. The money would go directly to Liberty in North Korea's fundraising campaign - I would never touch it. We're over halfway to our goal of funding the full rescue of one refugee! If you want to sponsor at a dollar a day, let me know and I will tell you at the end of the month how many days I met my word-count goal. You can see the fundraiser at:

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

WIPpet Wednesday: "Anything But Tragedy"

Happy Wednesday, everybody. I hope you're all having good week. Unfortunately, my Wednesday
will consist of taking my six-year-old to an orthopedic doctor. Looks like the poor guy might have broken his back after falling off a ten-foot climbing wall. The good news is that he hasn't been in much pain, and none of the treatments the pediatrician mentioned were invasive at all. Blessings of youth, I guess.

For today's WIPpet, I'm excited, and admittedly a little bit nervous, to share my blurb from Torn Asunder. It's still a work in progress (which is why it qualifies for WIPpet Wednesday), but it does feel exciting to draft it now as opposed to the day I upload the whole book to KDP. I haven't gotten the impression that any of my WIPpet friends are inherently offended by Christian fiction, however  just so you know Torn Asunder definitely has a stronger Christian theme than my other North Korean novels. It's also way more romantic. I'm still not totally sure how I feel about that. Let's hope Regi doesn't gag when she betas for me.

Anyway, WIPpet posts are supposed to somehow corresponds to the date, and so I am giving you the following three-paragraph blurb in honor of October 8, because I drafted the blurb in October. (See what I did there?)


They gave up a lifetime together to serve in a land that wants them dead.

When Hannah and Simon sneak back into their North Korean homeland, they are both ready to die for the sake of the gospel. But can they really sacrifice their relationship like their mission requires? And if they can't, will their devotion to one another pose an even greater threat than the National Security Agency and its network of spies, secret police, and informants?

On the most hostile mission field in the world, can a love like theirs end in anything but tragedy?


Blog Love: Huge thanks to K L Schwengel for hosting the WIPpet Wednesday blog hop, where authors post snippets from the current Works In Progress.

Random Fact: My son Silas, the same one who is going to see the doctor today, has now gone eighteen months without using his feeding tube. Way to go, Silas!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Torn Asunder Excerpts

These two excerpts from Torn Asunder are the audition script for potential narrators. Torn Asunder is a Christian suspense with a strong romantic element.

"I am so glad to see you," she breathed.

"You have no idea how thankful I am to hear you say that."

She wiped her cheek. "What do you mean?"

"For as long as I've known you, I've never seen you break one rule. Not one." He pulled away. If he held her for even a minute longer, he would never find the strength to let her go again. He let his fingers brush against hers for a brief moment before dropping his hands to his sides. "You'll probably hate me for this, but I've been following you." She didn't say anything. Was she angry? He hurried to clarify. "It just didn't seem right, sending you out all alone. No one to look out for you. I know the Sterns said it was safer to travel separately, but, well, you're so young. And if anything happened to you, and I wasn't there to protect you …"

She raised her eyes to meet his. "I understand."


He knew it was General Sin behind him by the way the dirt trembled under the forceful strides. Soon didn't turn around. The general had already seen his tears once.

"You did well today." General Sin never offered praise before. Soon lifted his finger to his cheek and pretended to scratch it. He made a move to stand up, but General Sin squatted down next to him. For a moment, the two kept silent vigil before Levi's unmarked grave. Soon could hear the general's throat working each time he swallowed. Finally, the general coughed and mumbled, "For the kingdom to advance, we must all be prepared to make sacrifices."

A dozen questions hung on Soon's shoulders like chinks in an iron chain until he finally found his courage and his voice. "When you say sacrifices, do you mean martyrdom? Or murder?"

General Sin picked up a stick and etched lines in the dirt. "Yes."

Soon didn't ask any other questions.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

WIPpet Wednesday: "You Can Go"

See SLAVE AGAIN on amazon
Happy Wednesday, friends! Since this is the fourth Wednesday of the month, here are four paragraphs for you to (hopefully) enjoy from my current Work In Progress. Working title is TORN ASUNDER. I'd love to know what you think.


She met Simon’s gaze with a look that made his heart capsize. Agent Sin helped her to her feet, and Simon almost detected a certain amount of chivalry in his touch.

“You can go,” he whispered and then barked into his radio, “Get the girl out of here.”

Simon yanked once more at his restraints. Don’t let them hurt her, he begged. Would he ever see her again? Did she know how much he … Simon called out her name. She turned to him, but when he saw her face, he couldn’t speak. Her eyes were filled with intense sorrow.

Sorrow, and unmistakable pity.


Blog Love: Huge thanks to K L Schwengel for hosting the WIPpet Wednesday blog hop, where authors post snippets from the current Works In Progress.

Random Fact: I have my library card number memorized.

Poll Time: Now, about that title. I'd love to know your thoughts here and/or in the comments.

TORN ASUNDER ~ working title for my next suspense novel. Your thoughts:
 free polls

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

WIPpet Wednesday: "Never Come Empty-Handed"

Happy Wednesday, everybody. It's been crazy around here getting Slave Again ready for publication, but I'm thrilled to announce the both the paperback and e-book are now live on Amazon. To add to the excitement, all proceeds for both books this week will be donated to Liberty in North Korea's Underground Railroad to help North Korean refugees. (Click on the picture below if you want to share the news with your Facebook friends.)

I don't know about you, but I always go into a crazy funk after I published novel. The best cure I've found is throwing myself into my next project, which will be the story of Hannah and Simon who are introduced in Slave Again and have already shown up in several WIPpets to date. In honor of the seventeenth, here are 17 sentences from page 17.


“I heard your van as you pulled in. You are most welcome, Brother.” Mr. Tong’s leathery face crinkled into a hundred wrinkled tributaries, and he swung the door open wide. “Your visits are always most refreshing to me.”

Jai-Bong returned the blind man’s bow and followed him into the house, where he was met by the obligatory portrait of the Dear Leader. He frowned at the image. “You are doing well?” he asked.

“Quite.” Mr. Tong clasped Jai-Bong by his hands. “But I’m sorry, Brother. I only have plain tea to offer. I just finished the ginseng you gave me.”

“No matter.” Jai-Bong reached into his pocket and pulled out a small root. “You know I never come empty-handed.”


Blog Love: Huge thanks to K L Schwengel for hosting the WIPpet Wednesday blog hop, where authors post snippets from the current Works In Progress.

Random Fact: I have now lived in the same house for over five years. Twelve more months will make it a record!

Save a Refugee! Don't forget, all proceeds from Slave Again this week will be donated to Liberty in North Korea. See it now on Amazon!

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New Release (and $100 Giveaway!)

Special Discount ~ Limited Time Only


I can't even guess how much time, blood, or sweat went into it, but SLAVE AGAIN is now available! The ebook is $2.99 and the paperback is $8.99, and both prices will be rising soon. See it on amazon today! All author royalties between Sept. 15-21 will be donated to Liberty in North Korea's underground railroad!

About Slave Again: After escaping a North Korean prison camp, Mee-Kyong is hustled over the border and sold into the Chinese underworld. She vows to survive, but sheer determination and willpower won’t save her this time. Is she fated to remain a slave forever?

NEW BOOK RELEASE: Slave Again is hot off the press, and both the ebook and paperback are at a steep (30-60%) discount!! Prices will go up soon, so grab your copy today.

 Slave Again book trailer (contains one mildly violent image)

Check out Slave Again now before the price goes up, and don't forget to enter the giveaway!

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WIPpet Wednesday: Acknowledgements

With Slave Again's publication date rushing closer and closer, I'd like to take today's WIPpet
Wendesday post to thank those of you who have helped me get it ready!


There are many people I’d like to thank for the encouragement, prayers, and practical support they poured out while I was working on Slave Again. My husband continues to be my biggest inspiration. Thank you so much for letting me bounce so many different plot ideas off you. Thank you also for teaching me that Eve should be holding a revolver, not a gun, and that she can’t use a concealed holster if she’s wearing a skimpy outfit.

I’d also like to give a shout-out to my buddies from the Christian Indie Authors forum, a community of online friends and encouragers. Thanks especially to those of you who pray for me when I send out S.O.S. prayer requests. The author friends of mine who live or have lived in East Asia (you know who you are), thanks for fielding all of my strange, random questions, like what kind of delicacy a fat innkeeper would eat. I’d like to especially mention Precarious Yates and thank her for teaching me more about the sex trade industry worldwide and sharing her passion with me.

Slave Again went through more rounds of edits than I could ever care to relate. I’d like to thank my story editor, Nat Davis, and my troop of beta readers (you also know who you are!) for all the advice you gave. Kate and Annie get the prize for finding the most typos. A big thank you to Happy and Mary for the thorough copy edits, and a shout-out to all my WIPpet blogging friends. I could also devote an entire page thanking Regi McClain for just about everything she’s ever done, but she hates sap, and so I’ll just mention here that she did a ton of behind-the-scenes work to help me when carpal tunnel slowed me down, and she is an invaluable sounding board. (As of now, she also happens to be the only person in the entire world who knows how the series is going to end!) What’s amazing about Regi is she knows all my characters by name and keeps them all straight. Thanks for your friendship, Regi.

Krystine Kercher helped prepare the cover image, which was designed by Damonza, and I think they did a great job. I was also very encouraged by those who pledged their support for the Slave Again Kickstarter project and who patiently waited for my novel to come out. A huge thank you to all the bloggers and book reviewers who agreed to help with my launch as well.

There were times, especially as I struggled with carpal tunnel, when I really wondered if this book would ever get published or not. God, You brought me the healing when I needed it, and You taught me to rest even though I was kicking and screaming the whole time. Thank You for letting me write another book. May it bring You glory.

Liberty in North Korea estimates that seventy percent or more of all females who escape from North Korea into China fall victim to sex slavery. Slave Again is dedicated to these girls and women. May God bring you freedom and deliverance.


Interested in your own copy of Slave Again? Get a free paperback (or ebook) when you donate to Liberty in North Korea's rescue campaign!

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Mom's Night Out Paperback Giveaway

I didn't get to see the Mom's Night Out movie when it was released in theaters, but I did buy the paperback and enjoyed it so much I want to share it with one of you. Mom's Night Out is the story of some Christian moms who desperately need a night to themselves. Basically, anything that can go wrong on their fancy evening with just the girls does.

I was expecting to be entertained by the book, which I was. However, I didn't realize how encouraged I would also be. In addition to just being a fun story, Mom's Night Out leaves the reader with a strong message that we are enough. We are not perfect moms, but we love our children as best as we can, and we are all having an incredible adventure.

Want your own copy of the Mom's Night Out paperback? Just fill out the giveaway form below. And be sure to watch the movie trailer if you want some extra chuckles. You can also win an audiobook download of my time travel/historical fiction series for kids for the young readers in your life.

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