Tuesday, December 9, 2014

WIPpet Wednesday: "Every Rose"

Happy Wednesday!

The kids spent last week getting over a stomach bug but now everyone is thankfully back to normal. I hope you are all having a great week so far!

Since this is the second week of December, here are two paragraphs from the Torn Asunder Bonus
Materials. I included a soundtrack with different songs I listened to while working on the story.


Every Rose Has Its Thorn – My husband is way more into classic rock than I am, but I found myself drawn to this song more so than just about any other I’ve included in the Torn Asunder soundtrack. The lyrics speak more about the kind of relationship where selfishness just gets in the way of love, but the chorus is so right-on when it comes to Hannah and Simon’s story. Their love is beautiful, like a rose, but it’s the beauty of it that makes it so painful when they are torn apart.

I also love this song because it's reminiscent of the cover image. I love how the cover designer included the rose, both as symbol of love and beauty, but also of pain as it’s stuck in the barbed wire of Camp 22’s fence. Like I said, the verses of this song might not speak to Hannah and Simon’s situation one-hundred percent, but I have hardly been able to get the chorus out of my head since I first started working on their story.

(You might also enjoy this version from the soundtrack to the musical Rock of Ages)


Blog Love: Huge thanks to K L Schwengel for hosting the WIPpet Wednesday blog hop, where authors post snippets from the current Works In Progress.

Random Fact: I met my husband when I was 19. Of course, he wasn't my husband then. But you know what I mean.


  1. I have many songs that I've included on my soundtracks because of the mood they evoke, or possibly a couple lines that resonate with what I'm writing at the moment. Some of them surprise even me.

  2. I kind of wish I listened to music like this for inspiration, but I never do. It's more background just to help me focus, and usually I don't pay attention to what song is on at all.

  3. I don't often listen to music while I write, but when I do, it's usually classical (because words distract me). But I can see why this song makes great inspiration!

  4. Weird, that first link takes me to a Les Miserables video. O.o

    That song makes me think of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. I like your association better.

  5. I got the Les Mis video too. =0)

    I like the rose on the cover a lot. I think its red bloom among the dull gray of the barbed wire is so poignant.

  6. I tend to listen to the music separately from writing- because, otherwise, I end up belting out the tunes...and then the writing doesn't happen. So I listen to most of my music in the car, where I can sing right out, and the scenes unfurl in my mind for later on, when I am writing.

    I've always liked this song. Bret Michaels' voice was perfect for the song...

    I love the image of the rose, the wire, the sky, and Hannah's lovely, windswept face...

  7. I can only listen to a few songs on loop over and over again when I write or it distracts me from the writing. I spent months writing to Radiohead's Creep (which worked nicely as what I was working on at the time was quite dark). I do love the idea of a soundtrack to go with a book though. I might have to do a retrospective one....

  8. It's a great song! I love having a soundtrack for my writing - sometimes just listening to the right song is all you need to get into the mood for a particular scene.