Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Big Bundle of Thanks

Torn Asunder will release in just 8 days!
 This Christian suspense story is about two North Korean refugees who return to North Korean as underground missionaries. I'd like to take a few minutes to thank those who helped it come together.

My thanks go out to my story editor, Nat Davis, and copy editor, Sheila Hollinghead. I appreciate the professional thoroughness you both bring to each project you’ve helped me with.

I also relied heavily on feedback from my beta readers, and am exceptionally grateful for the advanced reviewers and bloggers who helped me spread the word about my release. I’d like to especially mention Annie Douglas Lima, who consistently goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to the thoroughness of her beta reading.

Regi McClain, as always, offered support in a wide variety of ways. She is my critique partner as well as my prayer partner, who doubles as an editorial assistant and helps me tremendously with her amazing organizational skills.

I’d also like to thank my other friends, those I’ve met in “real life” and those I haven’t, who pray for me and my writing and bring so much encouragement. I would also like to mention Jon and Dabin and others who helped field my questions about Korean culture.

Cherie Norquay is an amazingly talented recording artist who was kind enough to let me use her lyrics in this novel. I was surprised time and time again by how perfectly her words fit in with everything Hannah and Simon went through. She is truly blessed and anointed by the Holy Spirit, and I love the way her lyrics give Hannah a true voice.

My husband remains my biggest fan and supporter. I am so thankful the Lord allowed us to enjoy such sweet romance and companionship. There is no way I could have written Hannah and Simon’s story if I hadn’t already known the thrill of being loved by someone so wonderful.

With each book I work on, I’m reminded of my own weaknesses. While writing Torn Asunder, carpal tunnel flare-ups and frequent eye strain reminded me I couldn’t draft a single word if the Lord wasn’t the one sustaining me. Additionally, the spiritual and emotional toil of getting a novel edited and ready to publish would be insurmountable barriers if the Lord didn’t go before me and allow me to complete one more book.

Torn Asunder is dedicated to the brave men and women from North Korea who sneak back home to share the gospel and those who live out their faith in the most hostile mission field on earth. May the Lord protect and provide for all your needs, and may your stories continue to encourage and inspire us as you bring the gospel to people living in darkness and oppression.


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  1. Always a pleasure, of course. =0) You're an amazing author and an even more wonderful friend. =0)