Sunday, August 25, 2013

Good Laughs

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     A few days ago, my son experienced something totally new and unexpected. We were eating lunch and listening to an Adventure in Odyssey, and one of the characters said something so funny that milk came out his nose.

     I admit, my only experience with trying (and failing) to laugh and drink at the same time happened at a sleepover and involved some especially carbonated Root Beer. At least my son was spared the fizz.

     Truth be told, I've been in something of a funk for the past few weeks. I was hoping to have my next novel edited and ready to publish by the end of the year, but my wrists aren't cooperating. They're telling me they need a little time off of the computer. (Which, incidentally, I've taken as God's way of telling me I need a little time off the computer as well.) Unfortunately, I haven't necessarily been as submissive as I should be to this enforced Sabbath of sorts.

     Which is why I'm so thankful my friend Regi has continued to come over and get me laughing. As you'll see in the video below, we've had our fair share of laughs this past week as we put together a video to let people know about the soon-to-be-released audiobook for my novel, "The Beloved Daughter."

     For some reason, being down just doesn't carry as much pull when your best friend is sitting across the table giggling at you. (I mean with you...)

     Thankfully, neither of us were drinking milk or Root Beer while we made the video. Because that would have been a pretty big mess.

Here's Regi and I trying our darndest to keep that water out of our nose when we made a video about "The Beloved Daughter." It took us a while, but we eventually nailed it. :)
Want to see more of Regi? Check out her blog, or click here for the most hilarious short story I've ever read. (And, no, I'm not just saying that because I owe her one for helping me make this video...)

Interested in The Beloved Daughter audiobook? Click here to see my kickstarter campaign and pre-order your own copy today.


  1. You two laugh as much as my sisters and I do while we're trying to do something 'serious'. :D

  2. Oh, you guys are adorable!

    (Also, hi! I feel like I haven't been on your blog in ages!)

    1. Hi Emily! Yeah, I've been a horrible blogger lately. Blaming it on the wrists, but truth be told there are SOME nice aspects to not being tied down to the computer... (Don't quote me, though, or I'll deny everything!)

  3. Oh no. I was laughing AT you. ;0)

    Or me.