Monday, August 12, 2013

Date Night Nightmares

What's up with this photo?
     I haven't had the best luck when it comes to dating. Seeing as how I've been married for nine years, I guess I'm ok with that, but still I wish my dating life had a slightly better track record.

     My dating history began with a trip to a gay bar with a boy from college who decided to have an identity crisis on me. (That was my first date if you don't count the time my best friend's ex-boyfriend took me out to ask me how he should get back together with his lost love. Theoretically, since it was just him and me and he paid the bill, I suppose you could call this a date. I'm not into splitting hairs, but in my opinion it doesn't qualify.)

     I was a pretty pathetic single gal, so I guess it's fortunate that I met my husband to-be when I was 19. Still, I was a senior in college at the time and had plenty of opportunities prior to that to find out just how dismal my dating luck really was.

     And then I got married.

     Phillip and I ended up celebrating our first anniversary at McDonald's. It didn't have much to do with budget (because then it might almost be considered cute); it had to do with the fact that we didn't plan ahead of time what movie we wanted to see, and if we went to a sit-down restaurant we'd miss the show.

     On another anniversary, when Phillip was a full-time Bible college student in Nowhere, Alaska, we made the four-hour drive into the nearest "town" and ended up pushing a stroller around a mall and wishing we hadn't wasted all that gas. After we finally bought our first house, we decided to celebrate with a date night sans children. We got home from a nice dinner only to find that our son had clogged the toilet, and our new place still didn't have a plunger. An hour later, my husband returned from visiting three different stores in search of a plunger and rescued our plumbing.

     I suppose there are worse things to stink at than dating. Maybe in another nine years I'll be able to write a blog post about some of the amazing dates we've shared. Until then, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and invest in a movie directory app ... and an extra plunger.

What about you? What's one of your more memorable dates you've been on?

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  1. ... Those are some really bad dates. You should've stayed in Nowhere and gone to that nice restaurant in that even nowhere-er metallic town just south of Nowhere.