Wednesday, February 20, 2013

One Lovely Blog Award - TMI Edition

     OMG (and by "G" I mean goodness) - I'm so excited! My BFF Regi just nominated me for the "One Lovely Blog" Award. Not only do I get the fame, publicity and (maybe even) fortune I dreamed of when I first started this blog, but I get to display this gorgeous picture right here on my post! Ahh! I'm so I excited I'm ROTFHMSIDPMP! (That's rolling on the floor holding myself so I don't pee my pants for those of you who don't speak text-ese.)

     So here is a ginormous TYVM (thank you very much) to Regi, who herself is OLB (one lovely blogger). Oh, and you guys should see all the really nice things she said to flatter me in her blog. Then you'll get why we're BFF. Thanks, Regi! LULAS!

     In order to accept the OLB award, I've got to tell you all seven random facts about myself. So in the name of full disclosure, here are seven tidbits about yours truly that will either have you ROTFL, or rolling your eyes and grumbling about TMI.

1. I wet the bed once, which wouldn't be so embarrassing if it didn't happen after Phillip and I were already married. In my defense, I had a horrible cough from a sinus infection and was seven months pregnant. Believe it or not, my husband (who is quite the comedian) hasn't teased me about it once. Yup, he's a keeper.

2. Want to know about my very first kiss? It came from a gay guy friend in college who apparently decided to have identity issues shortly after we met. Long story.

3. I am terrified of fish. Absolutely, paralyzingly terrified. I was attacked by a school of fish snorkeling with my family in Hawaii when I was twelve. That same year my brother's pet guppy committed suicide while having little guppy babies, which were delivered on our counter top. Fish have frightened me ever since. I dare you to tell me I'm overreacting.

4. I don't need to shave my legs when I am pregnant. You might be tempted to envy me, so let me tell you that apparently my back starts growing all the hair that my legs don't. (I warned you about TMI, right?)

5. I was a pommer in high school. During one of the spirit assemblies my squad and I performed this really cute dance routine. I discovered about five minutes later that the little grey tee that was part of my uniform had pit stains the size of grapefruits. Not the greatest boost to my poor teenaged self-esteem.

6. Speaking of grey shirts, when my oldest son was a baby he cried nonstop in the car. I once got to church after a twenty minute drive from a friend's house. Nate had been screaming the entire way. Nate's crying bothered me so much I leaked through my nursing pads and all over my shirt. Unfortunately I didn't discover my nice little fashion statement until I went in to the bathroom to change his diaper several minutes later.

7. I once squirt stomach acid on a complete stranger by accident. How did I manage that feat? I was "burping" my tube-fed son, which means I hooked up his feeding tube to let some extra gas escape before giving him his milk. The tube detached at just the wrong time at just the wrong angle. If you were every baptized by sprinkling with gastric juice while standing in line at the zoo, please accept my apologies.

     Now that you know way TMI about me and my strange little quirks (bodily and otherwise), it's time for me to pass on the love and nominate seven other lovely bloggers for this coveted award. I hereby nominate:

Cari at Faith's Mom's Blog. Cari is a special-needs mother who is a strong Chrisian and encouraging writer. I can't wait for her book to be out. And I'm thrilled she wanted to read mine! Cari is truly one beautiful blogger! (I also imagine she's quite busy, so there's no pressure to participate in this little award if you aren't able to.)

Out One Ear is the story of a mother with an adult daughter with disabilities. I love reading about how she supports her newly-married daughter to be more and more independent.

Rachel blogs at This Journey Our Life and is another of the special-needs mothers I'm blessed to follow. She has a tender, mothering heart and is truly one beautiful blogger.

Hidden Valley Simplicity is a blog I recently discovered and really enjoy for its Wednesday word of the week link ups. On Wednesday Melissa gives you two new vocabulary words that you need to work into a short story. We'd love to have more writers join the fun!

Baker is our Dream Come True is written by the mother of a beautiful baby boy with Down's Syndrome. Jennifer's words are true poetry and encouragement for anyone on the special-needs journey.

Vanessa's blog really caught my attention because her son has a G-tube, just like mine. Vanessa has been great at raising awareness for tube-fed children and should probably win the SuperMom award in addition to One Lovely Blogger.

Arctic Pyro is Lighly Salted's only male follower as well as the only friend of mine who replied to my Liebester post. He doesn't have a blog but is welcome to leave seven random facts about himself in the comments section. (He is limited however, to mentioning his mustache only ONCE.)

     I know you guys are plenty busy with life and writing, but if you do participate in the One Lovely Blog award, please stop back here and leave your link in the comments section. For those of you who actually read the fine print, here are the official rules: Thank your nominator (preferably by buying her book - wink, wink - and by following her blog, otherwise by just mentioning her in your post and including a link). Copy the One Lovely Blogger picture. Give seven random facts about yourself. Nominate seen other bloggers. Let the bloggers KNOW you nominated them. Come back and include a link to your post in my comments section. GLAHB (Good luck and happy blogging!)



  1. Oh my golly! You are soooo much braver than me. Here I spent all sorts of time pondering the safest random facts to give and you're just all out, "What you see is what you get and I've got plenty of it!" I'm not sure if I should dare to laugh with you. It seems like I should be cheering you on. "You go, Girl! Tell the world that life happens and it's funny! Alana! Alana! Alana! Can I get a 'Woot! Woot!'?" :0D

    1. Haha. You did realize I said "pommer," not "cheerleader," right? Just checking. HUGE difference by the way... ;) I'd give you a woot woot, but I'm afraid that'd be ringing my own bell, so to speak.

  2. I'm certainly not brave enough to throw out all of my embarrassing moments, but hopefully these facts will suffice! Thanks so much for thinking of me and for your kinds words :)

    1. Thanks Vanessa. It was fun reading your answers.

  3. Bless you for sharing those! I've never heard the term pommer before - has it got something to do with pom poms?

    1. Yeah Raewyn, pommers use Pom pons and do dance routines. We performed at spirit assemblies and at halftime for the football and basketball games. It was pretty fun. I think pomming is more common in the Midwest US where I was a teenager. It's not so common in the other states I've been.

  4. Ahhhh, Alana! How sweet. I was out of the country until yesterday with little access to internet. Thanks so much. I will work on this in the near future. Again, thanks and you are so funny. Enjoyed your random admissions.

    1. Hi Linda, glad to hear you got some travel time in! I hope you enjoyed your trip. I'll look forward to reading some more about you when you get the chance!