Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mom's Night Out Paperback Giveaway

I didn't get to see the Mom's Night Out movie when it was released in theaters, but I did buy the paperback and enjoyed it so much I want to share it with one of you. Mom's Night Out is the story of some Christian moms who desperately need a night to themselves. Basically, anything that can go wrong on their fancy evening with just the girls does.

I was expecting to be entertained by the book, which I was. However, I didn't realize how encouraged I would also be. In addition to just being a fun story, Mom's Night Out leaves the reader with a strong message that we are enough. We are not perfect moms, but we love our children as best as we can, and we are all having an incredible adventure.

Want your own copy of the Mom's Night Out paperback? Just fill out the giveaway form below. And be sure to watch the movie trailer if you want some extra chuckles. You can also win an audiobook download of my time travel/historical fiction series for kids for the young readers in your life.

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  1. The click here link for the add me to your mailing list did not work - or wasnt there.. I think I am on your mailing list but if not. PLEASE do Add ME!! :-)

  2. I have been wanting to read MOM's NIGHT OUT for a while! Would be fun to win! But my kids would enjoy the audio also so... either way its a win win for us. (if we win that is LOL)